Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Library Renovations Have Been Completed

During the past year, plans were developed to make the Library space more useful and usable for our students, faculty and staff. The Library’s space renovations have now been completed. Additional seating for 38 people has been added, bringing the total number of seats to approximately 170. Shelving units were removed, providing areas for study space. Access to electrical power has been extended to all new tables and carrels. A quiet study room was created by transforming the former photocopy room into a space better suited to student needs. Study tables and chairs from the 3rd floor of the Academic Center were re-located to the Library and, with the addition of partitions and electrical outlets, became carrel-like, individual study spaces.

The result of these changes has been an increase in the number of students studying and working in the Library. A dearth of access to electricity is a major issue at all academic libraries. The addition of electrical power where it was previously unavailable has been a great boon for our students. We're very excited to have the Library filled with students and look forward to offering new services and resources for their use.